Top Tips For Designing Your Dream Bedroom

Dream Bedroom

Having a comfortable room is certainly everyone’s desire. It will be very pleasant when we are greeted by a soothing room atmosphere and a soft mattress after a day of activities outside. Dream bedroom design has an important role to make this happen. Having a spacious room is not necessarily enough for a pleasant room atmosphere and helps a good night’s sleep. The bedroom must be arranged appropriately so that the restroom can function optimally and sleep soundly. Here are five room design tips that can help you sleep better.

Laying the Bed

A comfortable bed, soft mattress, and pillows are definitely the main elements for better sleep. However, the position of the placement of the bed is also important to note in the bedroom design. Avoid placing the mattress directly facing the window, especially if the sunlight can shine directly on the bed when the sun is shining.

Cool Atmosphere

The ideal room temperature to help you sleep better is around 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. To reach this temperature, especially if you are in a tropical city, you have to be assisted by air conditioning, be it a fan or air conditioner. You can also get the impression of a cooler room through paint or wallpaper with soft colors. You can choose light green, light blue, and beige for wall colors that build a cool atmosphere in your bedroom design.

Reduce Electronic Equipment

As much as possible, reduce the placement of electronic devices in the room such as TVs, laptops, game consoles, and others. The presence of electronic equipment is thought to affect your sleep hours and the quality of your rest. If you still want to put the TV in the room, position the electronic device away from the bed. Also, adjust the viewing distance between the viewing area and the TV to protect your eyes from fatigue, which can interfere with sleep quality. Make sure when it’s time to sleep, no electronic equipment is turned on, let alone produce excessive light.

Dim Lights

Building an atmosphere through lighting also needs to be done in bedroom design. Warm lighting will give a comfortable impression, and of course, it can help you sleep better. Many studies also state that a comfortable bedroom is a space with minimal and indirect lighting. So, avoid using downlight type lights in your bedroom design that can directly highlight the eyes. Ideally, lighting in the room is to use different types of hidden lamps. You can also apply a dimmable type of light to make it easier to adjust the light intensity according to your activity, whether you’re getting ready for sleep or while sleeping.


Scents are thought to help you relax more while resting and promote restful sleep. You can put aromatherapy with a diffuser type, for example, to spread a soothing scent in your room. Alternatively, you can also place fresh cut flowers in one corner of the room to give the room a natural freshness. Apart from being aromatherapy, cut flowers will also enhance the appearance of the room and will spoil the eyes when entering the room.…