Qualities of Wood Siding

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Wood is a favorite material to be applied to various home furnishings, kitchen sets, or other interior equipment. Not only choosing good quality wood, but the use of wood siding must also be done carefully so that it can produce a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting appearance. With a wide selection of wood finishes on the market, know each type and the benefits of using them below

Varnish for a Natural Look

A varnished wood finish is very suitable to be applied if you want a natural wood finish. Available in shiny and matte looks, varnish can be applied easily by spreading it evenly over the wood surface. In addition, this coating also has excellent resistance to water and sun exposure. However, make sure you apply varnish wood varnish regularly because it fades quickly.

Teak Wood Oil for a Natural Rustic Impression

Another wood coating is teak oil which works by penetrating into the wood’s pores and does not form a film layer. Unfortunately, this wood coating liquid is not resistant to water and scratches and fades faster so you have to coat the wood regularly. However, this type of coating is perfect for finishing if you want to get a rustic impression.

Politur for a Shiny Appearance

Next is the polite wood coating which contains fiber in the form of chips. Simply dissolving the lint with alcohol, the application of this type of coating can be done easily by rubbing it on the wood surface with a cloth. Polished wood finishes can produce a film layer on the wood, make the wood thicker, and produce a shiny appearance.

Nitro Cellulose for a Smooth Look

There is also a wood coating liquid called Nitro Cellulose which is applied by mixing it with alcohol, then spraying it on the wood surface. This type of coating has the advantage of being water-resistant but is prone to peeling when placed in the sun. Regarding appearance, NC wood finishes can produce a smooth and slippery finish.

Polyurethane For Outdoor Furniture

Another wood coating option is Polyurethane (PU) which can produce a thick layer to increase the durability of the wood so that it is durable, long-lasting, heat resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. It can produce a shiny and smooth appearance, the excellent strength of PU wood upholstery makes it very suitable to be applied to outdoor furniture.

Melamine for Variative Motives

Next is melamine wood coating which is also resistant to water, scratches, and impacts. This type of coating is available in a variety of finishes, from matte, semi-glossy to glossy. But unfortunately, this wood layer contains high chemicals so it is less environmentally friendly, and fades faster if exposed to sunlight.

Natural Look Veneer

On the market, you can also find veneered wood veneers that can be glued to processed wood to produce a texture identical to solid wood. Sold in sheet form, the installation of wood veneer finishes should be carried out with care as the skin is relatively thin.

Through the review above, it is hoped that you can choose a wood upholstery that is suitable for use in your home. Make sure that the wood finish matches the interior design of the house as a whole