How To Plan A New Kitchen For Beginners

Kitchen Remodeling

Before starting the design process, it is most important to understand how the new kitchen will be used. This is the basic approach a designer should take. The kitchen cannot just be leftover space or space that has to be defined at the end of a project. The designer must understand that the kitchen has a variety of different flows and work areas that need to be integrated throughout the whole building.

Muang kitchen model currently has a wider function. The kitchen is no longer hidden but exhibited as a favorite family room. With all these demands, designing a kitchen is not easy, it can be called tiring. To simplify the kitchen design process, avoid a few mistakes by following these steps!

Prioritize Needs, Not Desires

The ideal kitchen design focuses on how functional the kitchen is. Therefore, at the planning stage, the needs of the kitchen should take precedence over the desire to make the kitchen easier to realize.

So that you don’t determine the wrong kitchen needs, adjust the kitchen design to your daily cooking style. Are you a typical practical food cook or often try new recipes? This is related to the kitchen equipment and materials that will be used later.

Know the Whole Kitchen Condition

The condition and architectural structure of the kitchen greatly affect the size of the budget and the length of the manufacturing process. In the kitchen planning stage, it is not only necessary to know the exact size of the kitchen, but also determine the strategic position of the outlet. Kitchen ventilation paths also need to be made by paying attention to the wall and ceiling structure.

Choose the Best Material

Strong kitchen materials make the kitchen last longer. Wherever possible, choose materials that have the lowest price but are of the best quality. However, there are times when you have to dare to spend more money to choose the best material.

Follow Standard Kitchen Sizes

There are standard sizes that need to be adhered to in making a kitchen. A long series of research has been carried out by experts to determine the ideal kitchen model.

Do A Flexible Kitchen Arrangement

The new kitchen arrangement needs to be adjusted to the workflow so that it is comfortable to use. There are three workflows that involve kitchen components or devices: preparing food in the tabletop area, cooking on the stove area, and storing food in the refrigerator. In order for the workflow to run more smoothly and freely, the three components should be placed in a triangular layout, regardless of the shape and size of your new kitchen.

Keep Your Kitchen Durable

After your new kitchen is finished, careful planning will be useless if not followed by maximum care. One effective way to keep a small kitchen durable is to keep it clean regularly after every use.