Smart Way to Shop for Home Goods

Home Goods

For those of you who have just moved into a new house, you must be eagerly waiting for the moment to beautify your new home with a variety of home goods. Or maybe you want to beautify the house you have lived in for a long time to make it more comfortable? Before visiting the store, maybe in your mind you already want to buy any model and color of goods. So, so that the moment to fill the house is fun and anti-bankrupt, consider the following tips:

Make a List of Home Goods to Buy

First of all, list any home goods that need to be purchased because they are urgent or not. Yes, Moms, beautifying the house or filling a new house doesn’t always have to be new either. You can still put the old stuff you already own and it still works. Also check your wedding gifts first, which you may not have had time to open and place in your new home

Set Priorities Home Goods

Now, after getting a list of items that need to be bought, pay attention and arrange them again based on the priority scale, Moms. You don’t need to buy them all at once, but at least you can pay off the items that are important or urgent to have. Examples of items that you need to buy first include kitchen utensils such as stoves, pans, plates, and bowls, then mattresses, bed linen, and cabinets. Making a priority scale also keeps you from shopping without going crazy, Moms.

Adjust to the Conditions of the House

You also need to adjust the contents of the house to the conditions of your home, Moms. If your home design is minimalist, you should choose items that are not large, because they can narrow the space of your home.
Also, consider the residents of the house, Moms, if you are still alone with a partner and your little one is still practicing crawling, then postpone filling every corner of the house with objects. Because it can actually limit the movement of the baby.

Take Advantage of Various Promos

Buying a variety of household furniture can make you spend a lot of money. Setting up funds at the expense post is certain, and don’t forget to take advantage of the promos on the items you’ve been after, Moms.…

for Storing your Home Stuff

Home Stuff

Trying to make your room area functional, especially for home stuff. So that the room stays tidy is a necessity, especially for those who have minimal and narrow living space. Sometimes the key is in the arrangement of storage space or storage space in your room. To be able to store more, you need to think creatively in choosing furniture or turning what you already have into storage space. Check out the following creative ideas that you deserve to emulate to become an expert in storing your belongings.

Use Curtains As A Place To Store Your Home Stuff

You can place shelves, drawers, or cabinets on one side or area according to the items you want to store by using curtains. Whether it’s shoes, clothes to household furniture without looking messy. To do this, you should use curtains with supports that can be measured according to the width of the area you want to cover.

Buy Furniture That Has Multifunctionality

Many furniture has dual functions, but it is better to buy furniture that has these functions and is a necessity, such as a bed or a sofa. A bed that has built-in storage underneath is the best idea for those of you who have a small room. Knowing that something like a bed takes up a lot of areas compared to other furniture. You have nothing to lose by having this multifunctional furniture.

Hang The Shelf On The Wall

If you feel that you are already limited with the arrangement of furniture placements in your home, start choosing something that you can hang. Have a shelf that you can hang above the headboard of the bed or on an empty wall area as if to elevate the room in your home. Choose a shelf that you can attach to the wall.

Make The Storage Space You Already Have As A Seat

A bench with compartments is a great storage area to have that can be used as a seat in your room. If you feel uncomfortable because of the hardness of the furniture material to sit on. You can use a sitting pillow to make it feel more comfortable. Set aside a bench at the window to serve as a relaxing area or at the entrance of your house to serve as a sitting area while putting on or taking off your shoes. Seating and compartment in one!

Turn The Back Of The Door Into A Place To Hang Things

The back of the door can be the last option to put things that will always be used such as towels, jackets, or everyday bags. This will save space and prevent you from placing things carelessly on the mattress or chair. You will always remember to hang the things you always use in one place. Of course, there is more than one door in your home. So take advantage of your door, be it a bedroom or bathroom door, according to the needs of the room.…

Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Home


When you choose the furniture that you will use for your home, it is not easy. You have to pay attention to various considerations when choosing home furniture to suit your taste. The number of considerations sometimes causes you to be confused in finding home furniture to be used. In fact, not infrequently people who have bought furniture feel sorry that they have bought it. You have to look for quality furniture but don’t forget, you have to adjust the interior design of your home so that the room looks harmonious so that you feel comfortable in it.

Pay Attention To The Quality Of The Ingredients

The quality of furniture materials for your home needs to be considered because different spaces are of course different materials for the furniture to be used. The quality of the materials used affects how strong or how long the furniture can be used.

Pay Attention To Function

The need for furniture materials that you must prioritize is based on the function of the space that will be occupied. For example, furniture for the living room and bedroom must be different because the function and atmosphere of each room is different

Adjust to the Budget

You should pay attention to the budget for purchasing furniture for your home, don’t regret it when you buy it. Don’t force buying luxury furniture just to show off the grandeur and luxury of your home

Don’t Force Style

Many people often force the style of furniture to be purchased even though it is actually not suitable for use in the room. Buyers usually choose their favorite furniture without considering other aspects. Don’t just look for the shape or style of furniture that you like, but also adjust it to the needs or needs of the room where the furniture will be used so that the furniture can be used according to the needs of the room that will be in it.…

How to Cut Costs When Building a House

Building a house is everyone’s dream. Especially if you already have a plot of land, surely building a house is the most desirable thing because it is the final stage in order to create a dream place. For those of you who have a limited budget and plan to build a house, Kania has tips for developing strategies so that the house building process can run optimally and efficiently. For those of you who are curious, see the article below

Create a Home Construction Plan

The first house building strategy is to make a clear and detailed plan regarding the maximum funds held, the size of the building, the shape of the house, and the deadline for building the house. Thus, you can also avoid distortion of funds and additional plans during the execution of house construction.

Do the House Construction at the Right Time

When you will start building a house is something that you need to consider because of the possibility of additional expenses in certain conditions. You need to know, starting to build a house when it enters the rainy season is not quite right because it can interfere with the process of excavating the foundation. This will certainly extend the construction period and increase costs.

Determine the Design in Home Construction

Building design can affect the material budget and the duration of the house construction work. If your money is limited, then you can choose a minimalist residential concept in order to increase the efficiency of the house building process. Alternatively, you can also build houses with square or rectangular shapes which tend to be easier to apply and reduce expenses.

Comparison between Building Material Prices

Increasingly, the price of materials for building houses is increasingly unfriendly to the pocket. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with comparing the prices of building materials in several building material shops around your residence. That way, you can choose quality building materials at the lowest prices to save on budget.

Determining the Number of Rooms in Your Home

Apart from design, determining the number of rooms in the dwelling must also be done from the start. Please note, occupancy with lots of rooms will eat up a higher budget because it requires more building materials and a longer process. As an alternative, you can create a multi-functional open space that saves building materials.

Carefully Choosing Workers

In order for the implementation process to take place smoothly, you are required to be careful in choosing masons or field workers. Make sure you recruit craftsmen who are truly skilled and have a good reputation so that they don’t interfere with the implementation of a house building project.

House Construction Gradually

If the budget you have is not enough, it doesn’t mean you have to postpone your house construction plans. You can build a house in stages with the flow of making foundations, erecting buildings, installing roofs, to finishing. Even though the overall budget is not sufficient, you can do this to deal with material prices that continue to increase and minimize unused and wasted material.…

Qualities of Wood Siding

Wood is a favorite material to be applied to various home furnishings, kitchen sets, or other interior equipment. Not only choosing good quality wood, but the use of wood siding must also be done carefully so that it can produce a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting appearance. With a wide selection of wood finishes on the market, know each type and the benefits of using them below

Varnish for a Natural Look

A varnished wood finish is very suitable to be applied if you want a natural wood finish. Available in shiny and matte looks, varnish can be applied easily by spreading it evenly over the wood surface. In addition, this coating also has excellent resistance to water and sun exposure. However, make sure you apply varnish wood varnish regularly because it fades quickly.

Teak Wood Oil for a Natural Rustic Impression

Another wood coating is teak oil which works by penetrating into the wood’s pores and does not form a film layer. Unfortunately, this wood coating liquid is not resistant to water and scratches and fades faster so you have to coat the wood regularly. However, this type of coating is perfect for finishing if you want to get a rustic impression.

Politur for a Shiny Appearance

Next is the polite wood coating which contains fiber in the form of chips. Simply dissolving the lint with alcohol, the application of this type of coating can be done easily by rubbing it on the wood surface with a cloth. Polished wood finishes can produce a film layer on the wood, make the wood thicker, and produce a shiny appearance.

Nitro Cellulose for a Smooth Look

There is also a wood coating liquid called Nitro Cellulose which is applied by mixing it with alcohol, then spraying it on the wood surface. This type of coating has the advantage of being water-resistant but is prone to peeling when placed in the sun. Regarding appearance, NC wood finishes can produce a smooth and slippery finish.

Polyurethane For Outdoor Furniture

Another wood coating option is Polyurethane (PU) which can produce a thick layer to increase the durability of the wood so that it is durable, long-lasting, heat resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. It can produce a shiny and smooth appearance, the excellent strength of PU wood upholstery makes it very suitable to be applied to outdoor furniture.

Melamine for Variative Motives

Next is melamine wood coating which is also resistant to water, scratches, and impacts. This type of coating is available in a variety of finishes, from matte, semi-glossy to glossy. But unfortunately, this wood layer contains high chemicals so it is less environmentally friendly, and fades faster if exposed to sunlight.

Natural Look Veneer

On the market, you can also find veneered wood veneers that can be glued to processed wood to produce a texture identical to solid wood. Sold in sheet form, the installation of wood veneer finishes should be carried out with care as the skin is relatively thin.

Through the review above, it is hoped that you can choose a wood upholstery that is suitable for use in your home. Make sure that the wood finish matches the interior design of the house as a whole…

Benefits of Buying Home Furniture Online

Furniture Online
Furniture is an important part of a home. However, buying furniture is not the thing to do, especially when you don’t have information about the types of materials used. The trend of buying furniture is now growing very fast, where the trend of shopping for furniture online is increasingly in demand by the public. Especially in the modern era, where almost all of today’s needs can be obtained online through super-sophisticated gadgets.

In addition, the very practical ordering process is also a special attraction for urban people who are busy with daily activities. Buying furniture online does have quite a lot of advantages, ranging from service issues, quality to the price offered by each online furniture store.

Buying Practical Online Furniture

The most prominent advantage of shopping for furniture online is getting it fast because the process is very practical and not time-consuming. If you have access to the internet and already know how to use it properly, it is enough to help you find the right furniture product.

Offer Competitive Prices

Now online furniture stores have faced a lot of competition between one online furniture store and another. Not much different from a physical store, from the price competition for furniture, it can provide its own advantages for customers, namely very cheap prices for quality goods. Online furniture store owners lower their prices or give large discounts in order to survive in the midst of the increasing and varied competition for online furniture stores.

Product Delivery and Installation Services

Most physical stores provide delivery and installation services that tend to be fast, unfortunately, they do not fully fulfill their promises. However, the highly existent online furniture store does provide delivery as well as installation services as stated in the policy.

Product Pictures and Photos

Unlike the case with physical furniture stores with products that you can see and touch directly. In online furniture stores are presented with real pictures and photos of all the products for sale. Customers can choose and buy products quickly, just by looking at the pictures or photos of the existing product lists. Because you can’t see the products being sold directly, every online furniture store has provided certain policies. where when the item or furniture product you buy does not match the image shown, according to the applicable policy you can file a complaint…

Why Unique Furniture Makes Your Home Attractive

Unique Furniture

New Year, it’s time to create a more comfortable home atmosphere by arranging and redecorating every corner of the room. Change the unique furniture layout again to look new. There’s nothing wrong with buying new furniture to fill the empty space.

Choosing furniture is not an easy matter. Do not just according to taste, but it is not in accordance with the concept of your home. Moreover, it does not pay attention to the needs at home, such as the needs of children or toddlers, in terms of easily dirty materials, and so on.

We recommend that you choose furniture that prioritizes function and comfort, considering that the house is actually used as a place to rest to unwind, shelter from heat and rain. If you buy household furniture just following the trend, it will not last long, even cause regret in the future. So don’t buy the wrong thing, here are some tips that you need to pay attention to before choosing furniture.

Pay Attention To The Scale Of The Room

Many people don’t understand the concept of designing a room so they don’t know how to choose furniture according to the size of the room. For example, a room measuring 3×3 meters, filled with a sofa measuring 3 meters. Even though there is still a table that must be placed in that space. so the room looks cramped. By providing space, your room has more aesthetics, is good, and is easy to clean.

Adjust To The Concept Of The Room

Today, many interior design concepts are available on the market. Starting from the classic, minimalist, contemporary, and other models. The concept has different forms of furniture and room ambiance. If your house is built with a royal-style interior design concept, for example, then the selection of furniture is in a classic style, such as wood. If you want the room to look clean and don’t have too many details, you can choose the minimalist type of furniture

Adjust To The Budget

The next tip in choosing furniture is to adjust it to your budget. In addition, arrange a budget for purchasing furniture. For example, don’t let you buy an expensive sofa, but instead, buy a cheap bed. Even though you spend more time on the sofa, there’s nothing wrong with investing more for comfortable rest, right?

Select Furniture Material

Choosing furniture materials can be quite technical. However, even ordinary people must know that solid wood is far better than particle board material which is easily destroyed when exposed to water. The selection must also be adjusted to the interior design concept of your home. A minimalist style house will be much nicer using furniture made of aluminum or iron than wood which looks warmer.

Color Selection

Speaking of furniture, of course, you have to pay attention to the color. If you have bought blue sofa furniture, for example, then you can adjust the paint color of the room or house with this furniture. Because it turns out it’s easier to change paint color than to change the color of the furniture…