Keep your commercial garage doors working with professional maintenance

For some business owners, a commercial garage door is the main element of their facilities. It is part of any business aesthetic as well as provides security. Commercial garage doors are made to be durable and be used many times a day for years. But sometimes its mechanism can start to show working problems. 


It’s more like showing some issues with usage, weather, or if you don’t maintain your commercial garage doors. This is why to prevent future damage to get your garage doors serviced is essential.


If you see a sign that there is something wrong with your commercial garage door, it’s important to call for professional help so it doesn’t become more expensive in the future.


Commercial garage doors need to be efficient and operational. If you are a commercial facility owner with an issue, our commercial door repair Miami FL company can quickly diagnose and repair your garage door.

How do I know when my commercial garage door needs to be maintained? 


There are many ways to find out if your garage doors need to be maintained or even replaced. Some signs are more common than others, but in a general garage, door issues can happen at any time. 


And when this happens, you need to know what to do to keep your business working. Don’t lose time because of a common commercial garage door issue.


In this article, we will help you identify some common commercial garage doors issues. So if any of these are happening to you, you already know that your garage doors need maintenance.

  1. Remote control problems: if you have a hard time using your garage door remote control, your remote control may be broken. This is easy to fix with a replacement device.


You can check if the remote needs new batteries. Once replaced, if the problem persists, you can reprogram it. If none of this fixed the problem, it might not be remote but the mechanism itself. 


To avoid more problems, contact a commercial garage doors company and check what the problem is.

  1. Commercial garage doors are opening too slowly: if your commercial garage doors are opening not as fast as before, it may be due to an outdated opener or door issue. This will require a new opener to get the garage doors back to normal.


When the garage door moves slower than usual or stops moving completely, it may also be lubrication or need an adjustment. But if the issue persists, call a professional for a complete inspection.

  1. Damaged torsion Spring: you have to check your torsion springs from time to time because they are likely to broke. When you see that your garage door is “banging” when opening or closing, it means that the torsion spring is broken.


Also, one of the most common signs is when the door opens with a crack and then closes itself. In this case, you need to replace the broken torsion spring with a new one.


Keep your commercial garage doors working 24/7 by maintained them with the best professionals.

  1. Broken cables: garage doors cables are under tension every time you use them. Cables can stretch or break, which will result in a garage door malfunction. Have your cables checked for damage once in a while and avoid this common issue.


If your garage door openers are old, cables can break after years of use. This is a major repair, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, leave it to the professionals.



Finding the Right Contractor for Your Project

There may be hundreds of contractors in your area who are happy to come to work on your request. But to get the best workforce, it is not easy because a good contractor will estimate the processing time and budget carefully.

For that, you have to be careful when choosing a contractor. Talk to your friends who have recently hired contractors for a similar project. You can also talk to a building shop owner about a reference contractor. Try to collect a list of contractors then make it 3 to 5 of the best contractors. Here are tips for choosing a contractor for your project

Show Your Project

Try to invite each of the contractors on your list to come and see the projects you offer. Make sure to write the name of the person who recommended the contractor.

See The Results Of Previous Work

When you show a project that will be worked on, try asking your prospective contractor to show directly the results of their work that are similar to the project you are offering. This allows you to see the aesthetics and quality of the contractor’s work.

In addition, ask the contractor to show the project he is currently working on to see first hand what the professionalism of the workforce and cleanliness looks like in his work area. Make sure you take notes about your impressions when it comes to the project site or afterward. This will make it easier for you to compare when you visit different projects with different contractors.

Check References

In addition to seeing the projects that potential contractors have been working on, you should also ask for some references from the contractor. If the contractor provides a long list of names, especially if you know the majority of the names on the list.

Compare Contractor Bids

When you see an offer from a contractor, don’t focus on how much money will be spent. Unless you’ve designed and defined the preconceived details, in other words, you’ve hired an architect and already have a plan.

Because the contractor only guesses the need for a project with a price range in the market. For that, it is very important to compare the offers of each prospective contractor, before deciding to cooperate.

You’ve learned a lot about the style, character, and persistence of each contractor. The rest of you just have to make a decision. Good luck…